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Healthy Sweets & Treats

There’s no better time than right before the ultimate candy overload fest of Halloween for the release of my second recipe e-book, Healthy Sweets and Treats! Sub in these nutritious treats and protect yourself from the candy chaos this year. These recipes will not only satisfy the sweetest tooth, but they’re made with more nutritious ingredients so they will keep you full and satisfied.


GetNaked Nutrition’s Simply Naked Healthy Sweets & Treats includes 21 of my favorite treats for you and the whole family in one digital document so you can whip up an easy snack. Whether you just crave a sweet nutritious snack or dessert, this collection of recipes will be a match made in heaven.


Once you purchase, you will get an email right away with your PDF download so you can get started mixing up these goodies. 18 is a symbol for "chai" or life in Hebrew so it's good luck for all!

Healthy Sweets & Treats eBook Content
Simply Naked Recipes Healthy Sweets & Treats EBook

Why this recipe e-book?

  • Simple everyday ideas that are nutritious enough for any meal, snack or dessert

  • Quick recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth

  • Most recipes are no-bake!

  • Minimal ingredients and directions with swappable options for any food allergies or intolerances

  • Gluten free, dairy free, nut free and vegan options

  • Foolproof and goofproof

  • Healthy, filling and delicious

  • Options for everyone in the family

  • Easy enough for kids to make too

Laura Burak


Laura Burak



Hi! My  name is Laura Burak and I am an OG registered dietitian, a foodie, a wannabe chef, a yogi and a mama in the Long Island suburbs outside NYC. Food has always been the center of my passion for nutrition and my mission is to teach you how you can enjoy all foods while also living a healthy and fulfilling life.


GetNaked Nutrition is all about stripping down to the simplicity of food and nutrition and finding joy and pleasure from it. I am so happy you are here to inspire you to become the healthiest badass version of yourself at any age!






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