I was thinking about everything you taught me and looking back at old texts. I am amazed to tell that I am down 30 pounds and I  couldn't have done it without your support and REALISTIC approach to eating! Your emphasis on eating healthy while still enjoying life to the fullest is just one reason why you are the best!

CP, Laura's Client

Laura is loyally committed to assisting other in reaching there fullest potential. Always encouraging, candid, straightforward, inspiring and professional. Always anticipating success along the client's journey toward developing a healthy lifestyle. Thank you for being the consummate professional, for believing in me and inspiring me to the best that I can possibly be.

DM Laura's Client

Laura taught me how to eat, NOT DIET. Working with Laura has been a complete lifestyle change.

CB, Laura's Client

I cannot express how much Laura Burak helped me not only lose weight and keep it off, but learn about nutrition. I Started seeing Laura after a lifetime of not having to watch what I ate or workout. I started working out a year before I met Laura but plateaued and was no longer seeing results. Laura taught me better eating options, portion control and gave me amazing choices for every meal and snack. And as a 27 year old in NYC, I can even drink and eat out at restaurants (with guidance from Laura). With her help, I was able to reach my goal weight and feel confident enough to continue on my own. Laura is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, helpful and understanding! She completely changed my life and left me feeling more confident and happy with myself.

SM, Laura's Client

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